We are a reputable dealer in Research Chemicals and Pills products with a very rapid growth in just some few years of existence. We are located in the China where we have most of our branches and do inland shipping overnight. Read More >>




Normally, we only offer refunds under rare circumstances. If payment has been taken and goods have been dispatched, we are unlikely to offer a refund as medication cannot be restocked once it has left our storage facility. We do, however, consider each request according to the respective circumstances and so our refund policy will vary from case to case.

Are my personal details safe when making an online order through your website?

Your personal details are completely safe with Sleeping Pills UK.  we never, under any circumstances, pass your details on to third parties such as marketing companies etc.

Do I need a prescription to buy sleeping tablets from your website?

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Do you share any of my personal details with third parties?

We never share any of your details with any third party under any circumstances. We have no dealings whatsoever with marketing companies and so you will never receive junk email, unwanted phone calls or post as a result of placing an order through our website.

How are you able to sell your products so cheap?

We buy our supplies from main distributors in large volume and quite simply we are able to pass substantial savings on to the customer. We understand that if customers receive efficient, prompt service and are able to obtain the medications they need at budget prices, they are unlikely to shop elsewhere.

How soon after I make an order can I expect to receive my goods?

We dispatch all goods in plain padded envelopes that give no indication of what is contained inside.Orders received from all other countries usually arrive within 2 to 3 days from the date of order.

I placed my order some time ago but haven’t received it yet?

Very occasionally, we come across customers who have not received their goods despite their goods being dispatched within 24 hours of us receiving the order. In almost every case, this is due to an incorrect address being provided by the customer for delivery. In the very rare event of orders being lost in the post (after an investigation by our customer services department), we guarantee to resend the goods free of charge.

Is there a maximum number of pills I can buy in one order?

We never sell medications in larger amounts than advertised on our website under any circumstances. Our website is intended for use by ordinary individuals who suffer from insomnia related disorders and all medications sold are only to be used for personal use. The range of quantities we have for sale for each product reflects this policy.

Is there an advantage to buying my Product?

There are many advantages you can benefit from us! Firstly, our online prices offer huge savings. We offer our products at what we believe to be the best prices on the internet. Secondly, you are able to personally decide which medications to buy that will best treat your medical condition. As some doctors do not seem keen to prescribe sleeping tablets and do not appreciate the disruptive influence insomnia can have on a person’s life, they sometimes recommend an alternative treatment which is not as effective. Another great advantage to buying medications from our website is the level of privacy we offer. Your privacy is completely protected when buying from our website. We dispatch all goods in plain packages that provide no indication whatsoever of what is contained inside. The only person who will know what you have ordered from us is you.

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Rooney chems lab is a secure marketplace that allows you to buy research chemicals online with overnight shipping, both in the UK and USA. legal chemicals Rooney chems lab offers the widest range of research chemicals legally available to the UK and EU market. There’s...

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Research chemical supplies

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