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Our CBD isolate is of the purest concentration, non-toxic, and has no psychoactive effects. Derived from hemp plants grown and farmed in Colorado, utilizing strict organic farming practices, our isolate products are 99% pure CBD.

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Buy CBD Isolate Powder/CBD Isolate/CBD Crystalline Online

CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. CBD isolate contains only CBD. All the plant matter contained in the hemp plant, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more are removed, offering a finished product that’s CBD and nothing more.

In order to get CBD out of hemp, it must be extracted. CBD isolate is produced by using a bit of a more detailed extraction process of its own. CBD isolate extraction starts out like other extraction processes used to make CBD. Once the initial extraction takes place, concentrated CBD is still full of all the plant material contained in the hemp plant itself.

In order to get this ultra-pure form of isolated CBD, a purifying process follows the actual extraction process. This purification process includes filtration where all plant material is filtered out of the extract. Following filtration, the extracted oil goes through what’s known as a “winterization process” that further removes any waxes or other plant materials that were still present after filtration.

What you’re left with is a fine, white powder that is 99% pure CBD.

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